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Our Muslim brothers and sisters need ideal guidance from noble teachers. Those who want to recite the Holy Quran from the beginning require the support of the best tutors. We know that you are in search of online Qaris to teach you the Holy Quran from the beginning. Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, share your problem with us and get our teacher to teach you all about Islam and Quran online.

Our online platform is here for you. It means we have experienced teachers and noble Qaris that can teach you the Quran from the beginning. So, are you ready to be part of our Muslim online Quran class academy? Talk to us and acquire your online Quran tutor.


Be Part of Online Quran Classes
for beginners


You can join us from every part of the world and take online Quran classes. We, as Muslims, should not forget the reason for our existence.  So, why don’t we start doing those practices that are liked by Almighty Allah? You can start becoming part of this platform by just booking your seat. You are free to take a demo class of our Quran recitation and then decide.

We have special online classes for adults and beginners as our experienced Qaris will confirm all queries about our services and timings. If you speak Arabic, Persian, English or Urdu language, just share this information with our team and get a teacher who will teach in your native language.

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Take a Deom Class on Quran Learning
for Beginners

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You can decide the timing of your classes as the timing in all countries is flexible. With the grace of Almighty Allah, our online Quran classes’ academy has covered all the major countries worldwide. It means that we have tutors and Qaris in each native language. Now this is your time to choose your own flexible timing and start learning about Quran and Din from the beginning.

Quran recitation becomes easy when a noble and experienced Qari recites alongside. That’s why we have those professional teachers that can teach you how to recite the Holy Quran and become a true Muslim.

Reserve Your Seat for Quran Recitation for Beinners

Our services of online Quran tutors are available 24/7. You just need to ask our team to arrange a meeting with our teachers on Zoom. You and your family must need the support of holy practices; reciting the Holy Quran is one of those. If your children need a tutor that not just teaches them the Quran but also advises them about right and wrong, then book your seats here without having second thoughts.

Learn Quran With Tajweed through Zoom Classes for Beginners

Start your online Quran wherever you want. Dear brothers and sisters, our classes are for you and your family to follow the path that will lead us towards Jannah. As the recitation of the Holy Quran on a daily basis will help us face our daily problems and support toddlers to learn about our true religion Islam. If you want to do daily recitation along with an experienced Qari, then book your seat and ask for Quran recitation classes for beginners now!

Select Your Course & Learn everything about Islam Along With Quran Classes

Visit our website to learn about other services that we offer for you and your little ones. We offer several Islamic courses that will teach your children about Salah, Quran and Hadith from the beginning. Our platform is connected with various Islamic education institutions, and positive feedback videos are available on our websites. You can check them out and ask for the reservation process through our only chat support team. Plus, you can get to us anytime you want, as we are here to service our worldwide Muslim community.


Select Your course & Learn Everything about Islam Along With Quran Classes Our Online Quran Class Academy is for All

If you want Quran classes for your toddlers or for yourself. Just mention the name of the services and receive the full schedule of daily recitation timing. For further contact and information, you can leave a text on our online chat support and confirm all the queries. It has been years since our services in all the major countries worldwide. We offer an open-hand opportunity to our Muslim brothers to join in for free and take the demo classes.

Select Your Tutor & Learn Quran Recitation from the Beginning

Meet with the best teachers and tutors of the Quran. This is an opportunity for you to recite the Holy Quran from your home and learn about other Islamic guidelines. You are open to check our testimonial section about our classes. Let us know how you feel about our services, and we will help you to choose the best course for you and your children. Our online Quran classes platform also avails the opportunity for your children to meet with other Muslim students. This will help them to grow faster.

Welcome to Our Online Quran, Salah & Hadith teaching Classes

Our classes are not limited to just online Quran recitation. We have several courses for your children. Through daily classes, your children will come closer to Almighty Allah. We all want our children to follow the guided practices. That’s why our online Quran class will support and teach your children how to perform Salah, listen to Hadith and recite the Holy Quran on a daily basis.

We have many options for you, as you won’t need to worry about timing, and it will be you who decides the timing. In our career of online Quran classes, we have never encountered any dreadful experience, as our teachers are professional, and our active chat support team is always ready to help.


Reserve Your Seat & Learn Quran Daily through Zoom

Our services of reservation and online demo classes are active 24/7. You can confirm the seat for you and your children after taking demo classes. After proper satisfaction, our team will ask you to select the service and show your availability at the suggested time. We are always here for you all day and all night. So, select the course, share the timing of the availability and become a member of our Muslim Quran classes online.

What Do Real People Say About Us:

The testimonials and feedback we receive from our customers are of great value to us. We have rendered our Online Quran Teaching Services to countless number of students who strive to learn and read The Holy Quran and are still fulfilling the entire Muslim community by giving Online Quran Classes.
Why Quran Classes For beginners?
Quran Classes Online
online quran classes usa
Leader Academy is one of the most experienced academies for Quran learning online.

online quran classes usa
Education and Training

Knowledge and upbringing both at the same time.

online quran classes usa
24 / 7

The only academy that provides you with the best online teachers regardless of any time of the year.

online quran classes usa
International Languages

Teachers of the Quran in Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, and Sindhi are available online.

online quran classes usa
Male/Female Tutors

Availability of male and female tutors for kids and women

online quran classes usa
Quality Control Depart

Quality control Department, which ensures your children the best knowledge of holy Quran online.

online quran classes usa

At the end of course not only certificate of “worldwide Quran knowledge “is issued

online quran classes usa

Having the permanent worldwide positional institute approved by Government

online quran classes usa
Customer Support

Our support is available via email, Whatsapp, and live chat 24/7, except on Sundays.

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Easy Payment

A complete registered institute, at which you can pay your fees by any means while sitting at home.

online quran classes in usa

weekly and monthly test are being held and to cherish them reports one being made.

online quran classes in usa
Best Courses

supreme course is being prepared from which making students clear is easy.

Our Economical Pricing

Quran Expert provides the most affordable and economical variety packages that gives the clients an opportunity to choose according to their need and comfort.

2 days/week

$ $39 / £25 Per Month
  • 30 minutes each lesson
  • 8 lessons per month

3 days/week

$ $45 / £30 Per Month
  • 30 minutes each lesson
  • 12 lessons per month

4 days/week

$ $59 / £35 Per Month
  • 30 minutes each lesson
  • 16 lessons per month

5 days/week

$ $69 / £39 Per Month
  • 30 minutes each lesson
  • 20 lessons per month
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